At Angela’s B&B we believe that we are the smallest footprint B&B in Ottawa, but we recognize that we are a long way from a truly sustainable business or household.

Mindful of this reality, we have challenged ourselves to learn more about all dimensions sustainability, to measure our impact, and to reduce our footprint more and more over time.

Also, because we are a social business, we want to do this in conversation with our guests. Give us your suggestions! Share your knowledge and practices!

Over time, we hope to develop a full sustainability plan and become a leader in reducing B&B footprints. For now, here are some starter blocks and planned actions.

Energy & Carbon Footprint
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  • Installed high-efficiency in-line water heater 2011
  • Completed new house energy audit, electricity audit and thermography mapping in Dec 2012
  • Upgraded hydronic heating system in summer 2013 and installed new high efficiency gas furnace
  • maintain cross-ventilation for cooling  (resist calls for air conditioning)
  • weatherstripping
  • spray foam insulated back basement summer 2013
  • upgraded insulation in house based on themography readings in summer 2013
  • effort to use large appliances during low-peak load time of day
  • 80% use of fluorescent and LED lighting installed
  • 15 solar panels installed fall 2013
  • Angela’s B&B is also powered by renewable energy from Bullfrog Power
  • member of Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative (OREC) 2014
  • public engagement with community association and municipal councillor in favour of 100% Renewable Energy Ottawa
  • planted a shagbark hickory (carya ovata) in front of house (fall 2014)


  • plan to determine House carbon footprint and track over time
  • get better understanding of sources of energy consumption in house and lifestyle
  • research and replace old-style hot air dryer with condensing dryer
  • research other ways we can generate energy or invest in renewable energy projects in Ottawa
  • community activities to plant more trees
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Water Back to Top
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  • installed low-flow showerheads
  • installed at-sink water filter system Jan 2013
  • replaced all three old toilets and installed low-volume


  • plan to research drip irrigation system for garden and lawn
  • plan to learn more about waste-water re-use options
Food Back to Top

  • we source about 75% of our food organically and/or locally. This includes a CSA weekly local organic vegetable basket, a weekly organic fruit basket, organic milk, organic eggs and a CSA seasonal order for grass-fed beef from a local farmer.
  • our coffee is fair-trade organic from Indonesia (where we used to live for a few years).
  • we also have our own back-yard garden where we grow our own herbs and vegetables


  • plan to make garden more productive and get more successful at growing from seed
  • plan to figure out shade-tolerant vegetables to grow on the guerilla garden plot on the city side of the fence
  • plan to learn more about Permaculture and the principles driving it
  • plan to learn about sprouts
  • plan a tree succession strategy and plant productive trees and bushes


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Transport Back to Top
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  • we make efforts to reduce car-use and Angela is often seen heading out on her bike to do errands, as well as maintaining her car-sharing club membership.
  • Angela’s B&B maintains a free loaner bike for guests and encourages biking and use of public transport


  • Replace Dan’s mini-van with an electric car (as his 60th birthday present, using the profits of Angela’s B&B)
  • Install high-speed electric charging station for guests
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Solid Waste Back to Top
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  • Angela’s B&B has an in-house recycling and separation system in place
  • the communal household has a ‘free-box’ in the basement where clothing, books and household items are passed on for re-use
  • the Glebe House is a steady supporter of the Great Glebe Garage sale (end of May)
  • organic wastes are both backyard composted and city green-binned
  • the communal household reduces food-waste by labelling all leftovers with date/content info
  • battery recharge station is established as well as used battery disposal collection point
  • used electronics are brought to electronics recycling collection point (Staples on Bank)


  • plan to investigate Loblaws plastic bag recycling intake criteria & possibility of setting up another plastic (bag) recycling stream for communal household & BnB
  • plan to do a waste audit
Toxics and Chemicals Back to Top
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  • we use mostly organic cleaning products and detergents, a lot of them sourced in bulk to cut down on cost and packaging
  • the garden and lawn are pesticide and insecticide free


  • plan to learn more about which chemicals and food ingredients are particularly pernicious
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Overconsumption Back to Top
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  • our family tries to buy the “stuff” that we need from second-hand markets, garage sales and exchanges. We have been successful in getting a free/used washing machine, a lot of fashionista-satisfactory used clothing for our teenager, furniture, the elliptical excercise machine in the basement….


  • plan to continue to ask the question “do we really need that?”, “can we get a used one so that new resources are not used up?”


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Other Services and Suppliers Back to Top
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  • the Web-host for Angela’s B&B site uses all wind-energy for maintaining and cooling the servers
  • Angela’s business (Horizon Green) uses the local Alterna Savings Credit Union that re-invests in the community and offers individual financial counselling to all
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