2013 inm parliament akh portrait compress docAt Angela’s Bed and Breakfast we believe that a better world is possible. To move in that direction requires active citizens that live responsibly on this planet, care about the environment so that future generations can flourish, and care about equity and socio-economic justice in the world today — locally and globally. We believe that we can support and help each other in the community, and answer calls for collaboration and solidarity between progressive groups.  We’d love to chat with you over breakfast to find out what you think is important.

If you are coming to Ottawa to network, to advocate, to protest, to lobby for change, Angela’s B&B can be your personal headquarters.

Located centrpeace tower sign akhally and conveniently, you can make use of the fully equipped home office set-up to get your communications out and all last-minute logistics sorted out.

You can host meetings & strategy sessions in an informal setting.

Depending on your needs, we can connect you to local organizers, and a variety of logistical and facilitation services can be organized by your intrepid host Angela.

See also the Advocates’ Special.