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- 166 Glebe Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada    +1 (613) 769-3794 AngelasBnB@horizongreen.ca

Angela’s full breakfast is an optional add-on

This is a healthy, mostly organic and local full breakfast served at the communal breakfast table with a newspaper and the chance of conservation.

Our breakfast is available from 7:00am to 9:30am, but please confirm the night before with Angela (using the white board on the fridge or sending a text)

It usually includes a variety of organic fruits and berries, eggs done any way you like them, as well as whole grain bread, seasonal produce, cheese, granola, and Greek yogurt. To drink we have organic milk, almond milk, orange juice, and bottomless cups of fair-trade coffee and tea.  

We can cater to pretty well any dietary restriction or preference. Vegetarian, began, gluten-free, high/low fibre diets and allergies can all be happily accommodate. We try for meat-less Mondays. Note that the house is not nut-free.

Breakfast costs an additional $12/regular; $6 for 6-12yrs; kids under the age of 6 eat free. We recognize that not everyone wants to eat and pay for breakfast, and not everyone wants to have a full sit-down breakfast. There are other options that are only a few steps away. We recommend Wilf & Ada’s, the Wild Oat, Morala Coffee, and Bridgehead Coffee.

We are child-friendly which includes our breakfast.

This was the day that three 8-month-old babies showed up for breakfast.
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