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.We prefer to generate a little paper as possible at Angela’s Bed and Breakfast. Of course we still stay organized and have good electronic records.

With our online booking system you can make a deposit payment (step 4) using your Paypal account, or using your Visa or MasterCard. If you are reserving by phone we will take your credit card number over the phone. You can send email banking transfers to AngelasBnb@horizongreen.ca , or you can send us a cheque in the mail. Once we have received your deposit we will hold the reservation.

After you have arrived, Angela will provide you with a statement of account at a suitable moment. This will be hard-copy or electronic (your choice) and will have your balance owing. You can pay this via credit card, Paypal, using the button below, cash, cheque, or email transfer.

You can also use the button below to make any other prearranged miscellaneous transfers to Angela’s Bed and Breakfast. These may include babysitting fees, oboe rental fees, translator fees, etc.

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