We change the sheets while you change the world
- 166 Glebe Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada    +1 (613) 769-3794 AngelasBnB@horizongreen.ca


We strive to live in better balance with the land, water, air and have good relations with all the people and creatures sharing the planet with us present and future.

We aim to be the smallest eco-footprint B&B in Ottawa.


We are on a journey and will continue to learn and do better. To live in a responsible way is to act.

We are not alone — we will communicate with others about the challenges we face, advocate for change, contribute to, and demonstrate possible solutions.

Climate change is the biggest challenge that our generation faces. We must do our bit — and our best – to contribute to solutions to this big problem.

Green Learning, Planning, Tracking, Actions, Achievements

We will organize our engagement as follows: For each of our environmental footprint themes we keep a blog area on the website with learning and community action content. We want to do this is conversation with our guests and other B&B hosts! What are your ideas and suggestions? Share your knowledge and practices with us!

Check out our subject blogs:

Over time we track things in our Sustainability Tracking organized into these same themes. Here we track ideas & plans, and actions & achievements over time. Where relevant we have key metrics and a spreadsheet annex that keeps track of performance data over time.

Angela’s Bed & Breakfast: Sustainability Tracking


  1. Energy & Carbon Footprint
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Transportation
  5. Waste & Recycling
  6. Toxics & Chemicals
  7. Supply Chain
  8. Other Issues Parking Lot
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