We change the sheets while you change the world
- 166 Glebe Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada    +1 (613) 769-3794 AngelasBnB@horizongreen.ca
Traveller, What kind of journey are you on?
We love to welcome a diversity of people into our home, hear your stories, and learn about how things are where you come from. We believe that each person can make a difference.

We also like to think that our family guest house can offer an affordable place to stay – and different folks can afford different rates. So we have come up with a whole bunch of promos.

Knock on a door below and unlock the special deal that is right for you…

Are you a Time traveller? Ready for an extended stay?
Book direct, put in your extended stay dates and automatically receive

  • 25 per cent off for stays of one week or longer
  • 50 per cent off for stays of one month or longer

Note – it’s a good idea to book well ahead for longer stays as the booking calendar fills up. If the booking engine shows no availability, you can still contact Angela with your request: sometimes you can get a longer stay by switching rooms during your stay (booking engine is not smart enough for that, need to call the human).

Click on Tardis [Blue Police Box ] and you will be flipped to the booking engine where you can book your extended stay.
Environmentalist, activist and progressive advocates
Ottawa is a political town and we need your energy.  We recognize and applaud that much of your work is volunteered.

You can hold strategy and team meetings at Angela’s B&B and use the third floor as your campaign local office.

Click on door, sign up to Angela’s Progressive List and receive your voucher promo code
Family and neighbourhood visit
Angela’s B&B is very kid- and baby-friendly and we love to host families. We have a giant toy box inside and two play-structures in the backyard.

And we also warmly welcome the relatives that our neighbours don’t quite have the space for.

Together we are stronger.

Click on door, sign up to Angela’s Family Traveller List and receive your voucher promo code
Artist, creative, craftsperson, tradesperson, bohemian – trade in kind
Are you a novelist on a book tour? A touring musician or spoken word artist? Visual artist?
Are you a crafts- or tradesperson?

How about we trade in kind? We would gladly accept a signed copy of your book, witness a performance, receive advice… Make an offer.

Click on door, and  find out more…
Business, government, academic or independent traveller – chance to give back 10 per cent!
Do you agree that as citizens of the world we should give back as much as we can? That travellers should add value locally?

Find out more on how to give back locally…

Click on door, sign up for Angela’s Local Contributor Club & receive your voucher code
Tourist, looking for the ‘local’ experience? Get local tips and local discounts.
Let us know your interests when you book and we’ll be sure to dig you up some tips on the uniquely local.

Support local businesses and entrepreneurs.

We’ll tell you what’s free, find you coupons and give you tips on where to find local value.

Click on door, sign up on Angela’s Local List and receive your voucher code that gets you connected locally
Group booking? Complicated?
Contact Angela and find a solution.
+1 613 769 3794
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