We change the sheets while you change the world
- 166 Glebe Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada    +1 (613) 769-3794 AngelasBnB@horizongreen.ca

How it works:
1 –You make a proposal that includes proposed dates of stay, what you want to trade in kind, proposed value (maximum proposed discount is 50 percent of the value of accommodation).
2 – Angela checks availability for your dates, considers proposal and gets back to you…hopefully within a day.

Some examples might be:
You propose to trade a copy of your new novel
You propose a poetry reading …
You will do a soil analysis of Angela’s vegetable garden …
You will give a cooking lesson …
You will critically review Angela’s Environmental Sustainability Plan
You will stain the deck
You will do a tarot card reading for Angela and Dan predicting a long and happy future
…the possibilities are endless

Hey Angela, I need a place to stay in Ottawa and have an art, craft, trade that I’d like to trade for up to 50 per cent of the value of my accommodation. Please let me know what you think about my proposal.

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